Implementation and Handover Phase

Support the change management and training effort. Carry out post occupancy testing and continued systems assessment to confirm system performance.

  • Change Management

HF practitioners can assist in the management of the transition from one system to the next, whether it be a ‘big bang’ implementation or a gradual evolution. People respond differently to change, some embrace it and others simply hate it. A good Change Management strategy won’t solve all your problems but you certainly need one. Having participated in the training needs and operational analysis, a HF practitioner is often well placed to advise on how best to make the change.

  • Operational Analysis

Once the system has been implemented and things have settled down, further operational analysis can be carried out to measure the success of the project. Was it all worth while? Have the previous problems been resolved? Has performance increased in line with expectation?

  • HFI Management

During the Implementation and Handover Phase, HFI management will focus on ensuring all necessary issues are closed out, and the documentation is complete and handed over.

The final HF report will be produced along with any ‘Lessons Learned’ documentation as necessary.

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