Decommissioning Phase


Where decommissioning carries specific issues or risks, the practice of decommissioning a system should have been considered throughout it's design and development. HF practitioners can work with projects to develop safe and efficient methods in the decommissioning of hazardous systems. Often decommissioning is carried out as a new project, which would entail many of the activities carried out above.

  • Design for Decommissioning

If the decommissioning of a facility, system or capability is hazardous undertaking, human factors analysis it should be considered throughout the project lifecycle as a specific activity.

  • Decommissioning Projects

Many systems are designed without a good understanding of how they will be decommissioned. Even if they were, when decommissioning is necessary, it often occurs as a specific project. It will be necessary to consider such issues as remote handling, exposure [time] to hazardous substances, operator time pressure and stress. The vast majority of the HFI procedures discussed with respect to previous lifecycle phases will apply, specifically:

  • Task Analysis
  • Hazard Identification
  • Risk Analysis
  • Operations Design and Optimisation

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