Buildings, Disability and Inclusion

  • BS 8300: Design of buildings and their approaches to meet the needs of disabled people—code of practice
  • Building Regulations Part M 2004: Access to and use of buildings
  • ISO 11199: Walking aids manipulated by both arms: Requirements and test methods
  • ISO 11199: Part 2: Rollators
  • ISO 11199: Part 3: Walking tables
  • ISO 11334: Assistive products for walking manipulated by one arm: Requirements and test methods
  • ISO 11334: Part 1: Elbow crutches
  • BS 5378-1: Safety signs and colours. Specification for colour and design
  • BS 5499-6: Graphical symbols and signs. Safety signs, including fire safety signs. Creation and design of graphical symbols for use in safety signs. Requirements
  • BS ISO 3864-1: Graphical symbols. Safety colours and safety signs. Design principles for safety signs and safety markings
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