Communications and Alarm Handling

  • EEMUA 191: Alarm Systems: A guide to design, management and procurement
  • EEMUA 201: Process Plant Control Desks Utilising Human-Computer Interfaces - A Guide to Design, Operational and Human Interface Issues
  • BS EN 981: Safety of machinery. System of auditory and visual danger and information signals
  • BS IEC 61839: International BSI Standard. Nuclear power plants. Design of control rooms. Functional analysis and assignment. 
  • ISO 11064: Part 5: Displays and controls
  • BS IEC 62241: Worldwide BSI Standard. Nuclear power plants. Main control room. Alarm functions and presentation
  • BS EN 842: Safety of machinery. Visual danger signals. General requirements, design and testing
  • ISO 7731: Ergonomics—Danger signals for public and work areas—Auditory danger signals
  • BS EN 50132: Alarm Systems: Alarm transmission systems
  • BS EN 50518: Monitoring and alarm receiving centre
  • ISO 9921: Ergonomics—Assessment of speech communication
  • HSE Publication: The Management of Alarm Systems, Contact Research Report 166/1998.  
  • HSE Guidance on Alarm Management:
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